The Vegan Chocolate Company’s mission is to bring you the most decadent, ethically sourced vegan chocolate available in the Australian market. We think we’ve done that, thanks to our master chocolatier’s commitment to artisan handmade traditions that have been the hallmark of the world’s best chocolate houses for centuries.

We really do love chocolate and cacao in all its forms, For us, a large part of that unbridled enthusiasm includes understanding and acknowledging the history and power of this wonderful plant right from its origins.


Our chocolate contains an exceptionally high percentage of cocoa butter, sourced by our master chocolatier from a particularly trusted supplier. We’d love to tell you how we do the things that we do, but it’s a little secret that we’d like to keep to ourselves. Just in the same way that a little mystery keeps the flame alight in a romance.

What we would love to share with you though, is a bit about our process. First, the fact that the delicately harvested and sun-dried cacao beans we use in our products have been expertly roasted by our suppliers. Their mastery in the roasting process enhances the distinctive aromas in the beans and draws out a suppleness in flavour that characterises some of the best chocolate known in the world today.

The next step in our process is sourcing those 100% natural flavouring ingredients that make our products sit right up there at the top of the pile. Whether it’s fruits, nuts or oils - every single component is researched in-house to ensure that the certifications on the products we choose are genuine, and we select our suppliers specifically because they share our values and those of our customers. Whether it’s a carefully chosen delivery of natural sugar from the green hills of Queensland, or succulent hazelnuts from the lushest pockets of South Eastern NSW, or the sweet raw almonds hailing from the Murray River area in South Australia; our ingredients are of the highest quality because we know that only the best is good enough.

Once our recipes are developed on our premises and after the thumbs up come from our ‘loyal panel of taste testers’ (shout-out, family & friends!), the artisan work begins in earnest. Hand mixing, gentle tempering and individual enrobing gives our chocolate that tender individual touch, every time. 

The only question that remains is “Do you have some in your cupboard already?!”



The Vegan Chocolate Co’s exacting production standards have earned us a Vegan certified label.
This means that our chocolate comes with a promise that you can indulge with a good conscience. We are proud to use no milk, no eggs, and no other animal products in the creation of our dreamy chocolate bars, bonbons and other treats.

The organisation’s vision for vegan chocolate has undergone a lengthy process of refinement over a number of years. Our master chocolatier’s rich and luxurious recipes take many months of testing and perfecting before we will give them the final stamp of approval. The result is a collection of premium products that bring out the rich, silky-smooth texture of our chocolate, and it melts on the tongue like no other cruelty-free chocolate that we have tried.

Care is given to ensure that the chocolate arriving on your doorstep has been freshly prepared, that suppliers have been paid fairly, and that our products are made with the mission of kindness as the baseline principle. Our pride lies in the attention to detail that we put into every step of that process.


The wholesome products we offer today were born out of the Vegan Chocolate Co.’s desire to recapture the pivotal feelings of childhood joy, through our chocolate. Those moments often spent around the family table, sharing a nourishing homemade meal and warm conversation. Of course, those treasured times regularly held the hope of a few squares of chocolate, and the chance to dissolve into what could possibly best be described as a cuddle enrobed in silver foil. Today we get to re-live that simple decadence 24/7 and so can you.

That love of chocolate and the feel good nature of eating it developed into along-standing passion for our Company’s founder. Combined with his deep-seated desire to tread lightly on the earth, this passion culminated in a move towards producing the best plant-based cacao products available.

Creating a small business that’s entirely based around ethical vegan chocolate is about choice. It’s our choice. It’s the only choice when one is genuinely committed to the need for a more earth-conscious lifestyle, but also the desire to eat only the very cleanest and best sweet treats that nature has to offer.


Don't just believe us, listen to what our customers have to say.