Bon Bons

Boxes of delicious delight - Vegan Chocolate Bon Bons - Vegan Chocolate Company
Every single item that leaves our workspace has been lovingly handcrafted right here in Sydney, specially for you - our valued clientele.
 Our artisan chocolate maker has taken many years to perfect his craft. He lives for chocolate so that you can sit back and experience that chocolate in all of its unpretentious glory.  At the Vegan Chocolate Co. we are always looking to pair our range of milk and dark chocolate with fresh and interesting flavours. Look out for special edition bonbons and seasonal surprises. If you’re a true die-hard and would like a special taste combination, email us with your suggestions and our master chocolatier may just make your dreams come true.  
‘XOCOLAT’ – The Ancients
The word chocolate finds its origins in the Mayan word “XOCOLAT”, which translates into English as ‘bitter water’.

The cacao tree is native to the Amazon Basin in South America, and the Mayans used the fruit of the tree – the cocoa beans – to make a frothy & and rather bitter drink called xocolat. The Mayans revered chocolate and used it to seal important tribal deals and in celebrations of significance.

But cacao has been around a lot longer than that. Some time ago, archeologists unearthed some ancient pots and vessels dating from 1500BC covered in traces of theobromine; a stimulant compound that one finds only in chocolate and tea. 
We hope that you enjoy our chocolate as much as we enjoy making it here at the Vegan Chocolate Co.  The quality of our products speak for themselves. And in turn, we try our best to be a voice for the planet when it can’t speak for itself.  The best Vegan Chocolate in the Australian Market
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